Pierre Hascheff vs. Gemma Greene Waldron

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Pierre Hascheff vs. Gemma Greene Waldron
Economic expertise and efficiency meets experience and versatility


Pierre A. Hascheff and Gemma Greene Waldron are two candidates running for Reno Justice of Peace.

Although there was not a primary for the Justice of Peace this term, both candidates plan on pushing hard to accomplish lifelong dreams.

Waldron always wanted to be a judge or involved in the court system in some capacity; stemming back from gaining influences while watching “Perry Mason.”

Waldron graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, magna cum laude, from University of Southern California in Public Affairs/Public Administration. She obtained her Juris Doctorate degree from Boston University in 1981.

She has served on the boards of several charitable organizations including president of the Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society.

In 1992, Waldron ran for Justice of Peace when Don Pope was the incumbent.

“Don Pope was the incumbent, and he didn’t treat people very well. People complained and for Justice of the Peace, it’s the people’s court really,” said Waldron.

“I heard complaints, I always wanted to be a judge too so I ran. We ended up raising $5,000 dollars; I ended up getting 5,000 votes which a pretty was good showing first time running. However, the ultimate winner was Judge Dannon, but he ended up spending like $106,000 to my $5,000, but I came in third, and there was five people running.“

This is the second time Waldron will be running for Justice of Peace.

“I’m running because it was an open spot, brand new, I’m not running against anyone so there is no incumbent,” said Waldron.

“Some people have approached me to run and Pierre Hascheff put his name in pretty early on. He’s a term-limited city councilman who is a tax lawyer, I don’t even know if he has ever set foot in Reno Justice Court and there’s no need to for the kind of law that he practices.”

“I thought that the people deserved better, by having someone very knowledgeable; I’m in that court practically every day. They deserve someone who knows that court up and down, in and out, someone who is a good listener, someone who is not judgmental, there’s probably nothing I haven’t heard in my career,” said Waldron.

Hascheff feels the timing is right as well.

“For me, I thought it would be a good fit, after nearly 30 years of practicing law, my kids are all grown up, I’ve always wanted to be a judge and seemed like a good time for me to retire and be on the bench,” said Hascheff.

“I respect how important a judge is to the process, they can determine the life or death of a particular case, their attention to detail, work ethic and dedication is extremely important to someone on the bench because when someone comes before you, when clients and lawyers come before you, you’re at the mercy of the judge.”

“If the judge is dedicated and has read the file, then justice will be done,” said Hascheff.

A graduate of the University of Nevada Reno’s McGeorge School of Law,. Hascheff also received his Master’s in Tax Law from Golden Gate University.

Hascheff is a certified Practicing Attorney and certified Public Accountant. Working as an accountant, serving on the City Council for nearly 20 years, along with practicing 28 years as an attorney, Hascheff feels he has the experience and relationships to serve as judge.

“Anyone that follows Reno government knows that I’m a proponent for efficiency, performance measures and stream lining the budget,” said Hascheff.

“Reno City Manager Charles McNeely, proud to say I was part of the group that hired him. He did a fantastic job for the community, he reorganized the city of Reno, which is something I plan on bringing to the justice court,” said Hascheff.

Although the competition isn’t as stiff as in some races, both candidates face a big challenge.

“My biggest challenge is going to be getting my name out there,” said Waldron.

“A lot of people know my face if even if they don’t know my name. I know my opponent has connections after 20 years of being on the City Council, however if people vote intelligently, they will vote for the person that has the vast experience. So my job now in the next few months is to get my name out there, raise enough money to put up enough signs to buy up enough media.”

For Hascheff, this realm of the courtroom is a new experience altogether.

“On the criminal side, it’s kind of a new adventure for me, so some work has to be done on the criminal side; I plan on spending quite a bit of time over at the court getting a better understanding of the criminal process works,” said Hascheff.

“On the civil side, it’s going to be a very easy fit because I’ve been doing it all my life. I think anybody that runs for judge there is a learning curve because it’s a judge right? You’re behind the bench as opposed to in front of the bench making legal arguments as a lawyer for a client.”

“As a judge you have to be balanced, I also think it’s extremely important to have work ethic because there are always things that can change with the court. There are always things you can do better, so hopefully by bringing some fresh new ideas we can bring more efficiency to the court.”

The election for Justice of Peace Department 6, concludes November 6th.


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