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Not so glamorous transition

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

20140922_201308DeAndré Seals, 21-year-old senior attending the University of Nevada Reno can relate. The dual-major student, decided he would learn the sport of boxing, while attending UNR.

Many view collegiate sports and activities as a privilege. A prestigious honor, few people can aspire to reach. But what if what you dreamed of wasn’t so glamorous?

“To back track, I wrestled for all four years in high school. I couldn’t continue with my wrestling in college and I wanted to get into MMA, which is (Mixed Martial Arts),” said Seals.

“I found out UNR had a boxing team, and I want to go to the UFC once I finish college, so I decided to go that route and I figured I could learn boxing and add that to my style. With boxing, I feel like I could learn how to defend myself and better prepare myself when I go to the UFC.”

The physical aspect changing sports is not a difficult adjustment for Seals.

“There’s not much of a difference, it’s just the style of each sport that makes it different in my opinion,” said Seals.

Balancing school, work and training appears to be the most difficult phase of the transitional period. Because of other obligations outside of the boxing, which could include education, social activities, etc., can lead to some unpleasant experiences with dealing with the UNR Boxing program.

“Actually not being able to get a bout within the time I’ve been there [with UNR Boxing] has been the worst experience so far,” said Seals.

“It’s partially my fault, due to personal reasons of not being able to be there.”

There is also the concern of sustaining serious injuries as well.

“The biggest thing is suffering from a serious head injury. One, many boxers tend to get serious head injuries. For example Muhammad Ali his diagnosis with him it’s real bad and will I end up like him if I continue to box,” said Seals.

There are some changes that could be made to help Seals and other students’ easier assimilate to the program.

“I would say if anything, what would improve the program is if we had more coaches available,” said Seals.

“Not saying there’s not enough coaches, but I think if they had a little more help with getting things set in stone with being able to help each individual fighter, because each fighter is different in the way they learn and the way they fight.”

Despite some of the setbacks, Seals has enjoyed his time with the team.

“Actually being able to travel with them, [UNR Boxing Team] going to UC Berkeley,” said Seals. “ I saw a new place I never been, I got to spar someone else other than my teammates, got to experience things I never would experience.”

“I plan on returning once I have everything handled. My schedule conflicts with the class,” said Seals.

“I feel like as a person I’m accepted.”