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Reno, NEV Nov. 6: The Reno Africa Student Association (RASA) held their inaugural meeting in Room 420, on the fourth floor of the Joe Crawley Center at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The meeting, headed by Club President and native Nigerian Courage Cynthia, is scheduled every Thursday on campus, with the intention to inform group members of African history and culture.

There is an open forum for discussion in relation to African topics and the first meeting was centered on the discussion of African country Tanzania.

“It’s nice there is an organization that talks about actually discusses things related to Africa,” said meeting attendee Kurt Johnson. “Hopefully the group grows and more people become informed and aware.”

According to Club President Courage Cynthia, the goal of (RASA) is increase the number of members as the group is open and available to all students on campus.

The goal is to celebrate African culture and to learn. Eventually as the group continues to grow, the goal is to host meetings not only on campus but also in various locations in the Reno community, as the intent is to embrace African culture.




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