The Solano Tempest: Kobe Bryant vs. Jerry West

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Basketball, NBA, Opinion, Sports
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Bryant VS. West

Basketball fans, I ask you this: Do you know who is on the NBA logo? If you answered Jerry Alan West, then you are correct.

West was generally considered one of the best players of his era because of his consistency and teamwork.  Basketball historians regard West as the one of the greatest players of all time.

Jerry West became the logo for the National Basketball Association during the 1971-1972 season. During that time, West exemplified the ideal model of sportsmanship and athletic merit in the NBA.

Quiet and reserved, West was a tenacious defender and a scoring machine.  He earned the nickname “Mr. Clutch” because he was someone who could elevate his very own level of performance under the most dire and crucial circumstances.

Away from home, under intense pressure, with the clock winding down, and his team down by two points West was able to pull through.

While being double-teamed, one gracious maneuver would put him in the most dominant position that would allow him to make the most intricate shot and win the game.

That’s the definition of “clutch.”  Kobe Bryant,  is also associated with the term “clutch.”  In fact, West was always in awe of Kobe’s skills.

“He’s playing the best basketball I have ever seen him play to be honest with you,” said West of Bryant in an interview with Fox Sports Radio.

“When he shoots shots a lot of people would probably think they are bad shots. For him, he is not only creative, but he is a shot maker.”

Comparing West and Bryant’s accomplishments is easy. Both players possess amazing basketball skills; enabling them to exceed past even the highest expectations.

With talent and proficiency combined, both players have scored over 25,000 points while primarily playing the shooting guard position for the Lakers.  When asked who the greatest Laker of all time is Bryant replied:

“I’d say Jerry. [For] his playing career, obviously, but [also as a longtime general manager for the Lakers],” said Bryant.”

“He was responsible for bringing Magic here and pairing him with Kareem; as well as trading for a 17-year-old punk kid. So to me, he is the Golden Man.”

On the surface you might say they are the same. But what makes West’s accomplishments so remarkable is he is his dedication to the game beyond his playing career. West also excelled as a coach, executive and manager.

Who would you rather see or who is more deserving as the NBA Logo? West or Kobe?


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