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LeBron James for Dwight Howard Makes Perfect Sense

Kirk Jackson June 28, 2011

Dwight Howard battling LeBron James

Dwight Howard battling LeBron JamesMarc Serota/Getty Images

Leading up to the draft this past week, there has been a swirl of rumors revolving around potential trades in the NBA.

One of the rumors involved the Miami Heat trading LeBron James to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard.

As crazy as the deal may sound initially, it actually makes sense for the Miami Heat.

This trade benefits the Heat because in acquiring Howard, they address their main weaknesses.

Miami has a major weakness in their front line, most noticeably at the center position.

The Heat lack a player who consistently rebounds the ball on the defensive end and they lack a dominant presence in the paint on the offensive end. Howard, an interior threat offensively and defensively, would essentially eliminate those problems.

With the loss of James from a defensive stand point, the Heat lose one of the premier perimeter defenders in the league. But even with the loss of James, the interior defense would be set with Howard and the Heat still have one of the other premier perimeter defenders with Wade.

Simply put, with Howard the Heat would be a better defensive team and if necessary they could sign Shane Battier, or another wing defensive specialist in free agency to help on the perimeter.

The Heat could potentially be a better offensive team without James as well.

Howard is emerging as an offensive force, displaying added versatility each year. In fact, there was only about a three-point differential in scoring averages between Howard and James last year, and Howard does not dominate the ball like James does.

Howard is a player who needs to be doubled teamed, and his presence will allow open shots for shooters like Eddie House, James Jones, Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers.

This acquisition also allows Wade to return to his normal role on the team in years past, having more control of the ball, without having to share duties with James.

This would eliminate awkward stretches in the game, where the team offense would look stagnant and perplexed with what they wanted to do.

There were instances where players would constantly pass the ball like a hot potato, not knowing what to do, or they would watch LeBron hold the ball for 18 seconds waiting for him to make a play because everyone grew accustomed to him holding the ball so much.

Bosh would probably benefit the most with Howard by his side.

The acquisition of the three-time defending Defensive Player of the Year allows Bosh to comfortably play his natural position of power forward, without having to worry about grabbing every rebound or battling too much in the trenches.

A duo of Howard and Bosh arguably, can be more formidable than the twin towers in Los Angeles of Pau Gasol and Andruw Bynum.

Howard benefits from this deal because he automatically goes to a championship contending team.

Adjusting to a new environment shouldn’t be too big of a burden for Howard, as Miami isn’t too far from where he has spent his entire NBA career.

By taking his talents to South Beach, Howard steps into a bigger market, a realm with more glitz and glamour, and with that probably more pressure as well.

But his personality suggests he can handle the baggage that comes with the move, he would not only welcome the challenge but thrive under it.

The Orlando Magic benefits from this transaction by subtracting a MVP-caliber super star, with an expiring contract, for a multiple MVP award-winning player, with a longer contract.

So there you have it. The Heat win, Orlando wins, Bosh wins—everyone should be happy right? But what about LeBron?

James seems to be the only party in this equation who does not benefit from this transaction.

James is a good addition to add to the current Orlando Magic roster, as they would contend as a playoff team.

The arrival of James allows point guard Jameer Nelson to be more of a scorer, something he naturally is anyways.

The Magic would lose a lot on defense much to the chagrin of head coach Stan Van Gundy, but that would be expected of any team losing their reigning three time defensive player of the year.

There are some pieces on the Magic that can play with LeBron, such as a Brandon Bass, Hedo Turkoglu, J.J. Redick and Jason Richardson.

But the Magic would have to make some big-time deals in order to build a team around James that would allow them to even contend for championship, and who knows if the ’’King’’ would have enough patience for that.

The one positive for James and company is there would be no expectations for this team.

And with less pressure, James will excel.

There has always been pressure on James ever since his high school days. Much was media induced, some was self inflicted.

Looking back specifically at the last three years of his career, there have been high expectations set for James. And each expectation was greeted with failure. Sure James had great statistical years and lead his team to the playoffs, but at the end of the day, he exited each season without a championship.

Not to put a knock on James as a player, because he is one of the best in the business. James has great all around talent, but he is a player who has questionable leadership ability, and has a tendency to come up short in pressure situations.

With less pressure, perhaps James will not over think things and play better down the stretch of games consistently. And with less pressure, it could mean a happy James.

But even if the trade were to go down, Orlando would unlikely be a final destination for the “Chosen One.”

Besides, this is just fantasy talk, there is no way this would actually happen right?


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