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October 29th, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was the date scheduled for the final bout of the highly publicized, highly regarded, super middleweight “Super Six” tournament.

Photo Credit: Tom Casino / SHOWTIME

A tournament featured on ShowTime, has run it’s course over the past two years featuring the best fighters from the super middleweight division.

Participants such as Arthur Abraham, Mikkel Kessler, Andre Dirrell, Andre Ward, Carl Froch and Jermain Taylor.

A tournament featuring substitutes Glen Johnson, Sakio Bika and Allan Green.

The two fighters reaching the finals were certainly underdogs when the tournament first started, and now have emerged as the top fighters of their division and are developing into household names.

Unfortunately, the bout between Andre “S.O.G.“ Ward and Carl “The Cobra” Froch and conclusion of the tournament will have to wait.

During a sparring session, Ward suffered a severe cut above his right eye and according to a medical specialist, will require quite some time to heal.

Both fighters have expressed their disappointment in this unfortunate turn of events.

According to reports from boxingscene, both fighters expressed the opinions on that matter.

Ward said: “This is very frustrating for my camp and I, and I that if the shoe were on the other foot and Froch suffered an injury, I would be extremely disappointed.”

The Bay Area product went even further stating, “I’d like to express my apologies to Showtime, the fans and the Froch camp, but this is a part of boxing. Ward and Froch will still get it on but, unfortunately, the date just has to be pushed back.”

Froch obviously frustrated, stated, “Of course you’ve got to take the medical advice seriously, but for a cut to put you out of a fight five full weeks is ludicrous. To me, he’s showing his weakness. Nothing changes for me. I’ll be ready if and when he shows up.”

Showtime apparently caught the incident on camera and will reportedly show in on one of the upcoming episodes for their program ‘Fight Camp 360.’

A few dates have been mentioned as a potential make up date for the bout, the common mentioned is the date of December 10th, a night that also features a welterweight fight between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson.

The question is, will the postponement of the fight give either fighter an advantage, or will it hinder their efforts?

It’s hard to judge because both fighters are in the middle of training camp, with a little more than a month to go.

As mentioned earlier, Froch echoed his disappointment in the postponement of the fight, but if anything this may be a blessing in disguise.

Compared to Ward, Froch is a little older, has participated in more bouts and has had a tougher road to reach the finals of the “Super Six” tournament.

When I say tougher road, I do not necessarily mean the level of competition, because Ward has faced great opposition as well.

But because of Froch’s fighting style and lack of reflexes or sophisticated defensive technique, Froch has endured and accumulated a lot of damage in his recent fights.

The Cobra had a war with Jean Pascal and a life and death battle against Jermain Taylor prior to entering the tournament.

Since his entry into the tournament, Froch participated in tough battles against Andre Dirrell, Mikkel Kessler and Glen Johnson.

As tough as Froch is, a little extra time to recuperate may be beneficial to him.

But it is understandable for him to want get on with the fight, and this interruption may have a negative effect as far as timing goes for his upcoming match up.

Only time will tell.


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Abraham – Not Fitting For A King

By Kirk Jackson: King Arthur Abraham, Armenian boxing champion based out of Germany has a reputation for being a well liked and a seemingly modest guy. Perhaps an isolated event shouldn’t grant someone access to judge another person’s character, but with the events stemming from Arthur’s recent fight against Dirrell, and a few other things lead me to believe he isn’t the King many make him out to be.

And this King certainly has a jester or two in his court. His brother, Alexander has shown signs of his incompetence during Arthur’s second fight against Edison Miranda back in 2008. After suffering a knockout loss against Arthur, Miranda while being attended to by ring side doctors was attacked by Alexander Abraham. Slurs and other disrespectful remarks were thrown from both sides as a mini riot almost ensued.

Now going back to his last fight against Dirrell and actually this is really a common thing with a majority of his fights, Arthur seemingly complains every time he is hit in the body. He complains to indicate to the referee or whoever is watching he is being hit low in the groin area, phantom low blows. And usually the referee in Germany, where most of Abraham’s fights take place obliges and the body threat to Abraham is basically nullified. He tried to employ that tactic against Dirrell, but it did not work as the American based referee saw through it. As a matter of fact, not much worked for Abraham against Dirrell as the young fighter from Flint, Michigan put on a boxing clinic in front of his hometown crowd.

Andre Dirrell served as a major problem to the King’s reign, as dominated the fight for most of the night. Andre threw effective combinations, outworked and landed more punches, counter punched, moved around the ring, and basically did everything you should do against a fighter like Abraham. He even knocked Arthur down twice even though only one was counted as an official knockdown.

Arthur did come on strong towards the later stages of the fight, but was still on the losing end and desperately needed a knock out if he wanted to maintain his undefeated record. And with that desperation came unwarranted action. In the 11th round, Dirrell slipped on an advertisement label and went down in a neutral corner, after which Abraham wound up with a right hand and clipped him on the chin. It seemed like an intentional hit while Dirrell was down, evidenced by the fact Abraham said in his post fight interview “I hit him with one punch. This should not be a disqualification. This was normal.”

This was an intentional punch, and it’s an illegal, deplorable foul and should not be tolerated. Abraham was getting outclassed in the ring and was losing on all score cards. Whether severe damage was done to Dirrell or not, the disqualification was definitely warranted. In his post fight interview, it seems as there was no remorse from Abraham, his corner, not even his promoter Wilfried Sauerland, who plans on protesting the disqualification. Whether he was in disbelief for suffering his first loss or whatever reasons may be, Arthur Abraham did not do himself any favors and made himself look like the bad guy in this situation.

Now this isn’t to take anything away from Arthur Abraham as a fighter, because despite his constant complaining of phantom low blows, and questionable rough tactics, he is an extremely tough competitor. There aren’t many fighters who continue to fight with a severely broken jaw against a powerful puncher like he did against Edison Miranda in their first fight. Arthur has many of the technicalities of the sport down including a great jab, is quite powerful himself and he is built like an ox.

But it takes more than punching power and skills to be a King. A King must behave himself accordingly and take responsibility for his actions. Even in defeat, a King must lead by example and show everyone why he is admired and respected as a person.